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Destination Kids Foundation

Destination Kids Foundation

The Foundation was officially set up by the chairman of Destination Properties Mr. Gary Richard Murray in 2017. DKF aims to help socially disadvantaged or underprivileged children in Thailand with educational opportunities, medical support and social guidance for a chance of a brighter future. This includes encouragement in various fields in the form of funding or educational opportunities as well as other charities for children in particular.

Currently we help children such as orphans, disabled or children suffering from critical illnesses, abused, homeless/abandoned children or victims of illegal child labor/human trafficking. The Destination Kids Foundation has been assisting children-related charity organizations financially since 2016.

Destination Properties

Destination Group

The foundation, which helps children in need throughout Thailand, is run by Bangkok-based Destination Group, whose hospitality and F&B arm Destination Properties operates hotels including Novotel Karon Phuket, Swissotel Resort Patong Beach Phuket, Sheraton Four Points Bangkok, Novotel Surin Beach Resort Phuket, Novotel Hooters Phuket, Novotel Hua Hin Beach Resort, and Ibis Styles Samui Resort in Chaweng, Koh Samui.

Additionally, ‘Properties’ sister unit Destination Eats runs a portfolio of food and beverage brands that includes Hooters Asia, Hard Rock Café Phuket, Big Boy, Wow Cow and the Drunken Leprechaun.

Thai registered foundation

Thai registered Foundation

The Destination Kids Foundation is a Thai-registered Foundation with the mission of providing access to education, health and safety support for all vulnerable children in Thailand. We are a non profit organisation, that means that 100% of all donations are spent on our charity projects in Thailand, supporting over 2,000 children every year.

DKF is embracing international child protection standards and is fully committed to enrich the development and wellbeing of every child. A Foundation is a legal entity registered with the Thai Ministry of Interior for public benefit purposes such as charity, religion, arts, science, literature and education and other activities that may serve the public’s interest.

Our work



Destination Kids Foundation ensures that all the children we work with have access to a proper education and supports their adherence to school. We also make sure that proper customized education program also is available to children with disabilities or learning disorders who fall outside the locally available medial and educational systems.

The Office of Educational Equality Fund estimates that Thailand still has at least 4.3 million children who lack educational opportunities. This is mainly because of poverty which becomes a vischous circle of children not having enough knowledge and skills to get off the road of extreme poverty and labor.



We raise health awareness directly to communities and facilitates their access to local medical services. Dedicated to the society by helping the poor in the rural remote areas far away from civilization or hospital. Children in impoverished communities live without access to basic health necessities such as clean water and sanitation, ushering in preventable diseases or worse.We don’t just address the symptoms of poverty. We battle the root cause by providing education on preventable health issues and offering basic health necessities to children in our communities.

Destination kids foundation has health-care and disaster-relief projects like Covid-19 throughout Thailand.



Supporting programs for children through solicitation of funds, DKF-housing, engagement of volunteers and partnerships within the community. Through its board of trustees, staff and ambassadors, the Foundation currently provides support to programs that address the health, safety, well-being and education of underpriviledged children, initiatives that advocate for children’s safety and community-based organizations that assist children in great need. For those most in need, we conduct individual case management and provide tailored support for other organisations and foundations working with helping children.

Get involved

It takes a ‘community to build a community’ and we are proud to align with people and organizations who work with us to transform the future of our children.

Since 2016 DKF has been fully committed to enrich the development and wellbeing of every underprivileged child in Thailand. We are on a daily basis creating, finding and supporting programs that shares the same missions and focus on compassion and the critical needs of the children that can help them in the long haul. February 2020, at Burapa Bike Week in Pattaya. Destination Kids Foundation got to meet everyone from Take Care Kids Onlus, researching the work done by this foundation for the past 20 years made the decision easy to support what they most critically need; a new foster home that fits for 25 children and 5 adults.
The new project is called Build A Home For Kids and will focus on raising funds for this foster home to TCK Onlus.

To learn more about Take Care kids Pattaya and The DKF - Build a home for children, click on the video content down below.

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